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*Correction: the blog that is linked on this site is not actually affiliated with Christianity Today it was quoted by Christianity Today in one of their articles.  Thanks Larry for pointing this out.

There was a recent video sent around depicting Mark Driscoll preaching on the occult in the movie Avatar.  While I definitely saw a strident political leaning to the left, I believe he over generalizes when he declares that this it the most demonic movie of all time.  Christianity Today responded with a very good article to his critique of the movie. I do disagree slightly with the author’s point about how Avatar was only portraying a message against capitalistic greed because Cameron is known for his anti-capitalistic stance.  However, the author makes a solid case elsewhere in his critique.   I really liked his point about understanding an artist’s fictional world-especially Rowling’s works.

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 Movies can serve a great purpose: entertainment. I would venture that the majority of movies that we watch here in the United States are relaxation devices. We spend top dollar to attend movies and scramble to see those that are highly acclaimed by the media. Even those movies with historical backgrounds, i.e. Gladiator, Braveheart, have very little historical value but serve only to entertain. While an entire argument can be waged on the value of fictionalizing history, that is not the purpose of this blog.

 Movies use strong characterization to touch core values and cultural identities. For example, the Harry Potter movies utilized the Hero’s Quest. This ancient battle between good and evil and the hero overcoming personal obstacles is as old as time. Hearken back to the Iliad and the Odyssey, 2,700 years after they were written, the epics are still being passed down. These movies, those like Harry Potter, appeal to a universal ideology that is written on every human heart and thus are able to touch an emotional chord in huge populations. (more…)

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