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Why is looking for a church so difficult? All I want is a good Sunday School class and good sermons. Didn’t think I was too picky until I was refused communion during a church service.

We understood going in that the service had a closed communion.  However, even though I disagree with the practice what really upset me was the division that the communion caused.

According to some protestant (and Catholic) churches, they reserve the right to with hold communion from those whom they deem unworthy or from those they simply do not know.  I understand the rational behind the limit setting.  They base it upon the belief that Communion is sacred and those partaking should not partake in an unworthy manner (1 Cor. 11:27-32).  Completely true and accurate.  However, is it the churches right to judge if you are a worthy candidate for communion?  Or should a church not offer it to you if you aren’t a member of that particular church? (more…)


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