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Excerpt from “Discarded Image Part 2”

Guest writer:  Bill Perrine (for more on this subject check out http://offthebox.wordpress.com/)  Please field comments in his direction.

” According to a Gallup poll from about ten years ago, nearly one in five Americans believe that the sun revolves around the Earth. So far from being a fringe issue, this is an important problem that needs discussion. This is a worldview issue as much as it is a discussion of scientific illiteracy. I find it hard to believe that 18% of the American population has never heard of the idea that the Earth revolves around the sun. It seems more likely that people simply choose not to believe. Given that polls consistently show that around 40% of the American public believes in a young earth, it is a fair assumption that due to their religious underpinnings a strong correlation exists between the two beliefs, and that nearly half of those who believe in Young Earth Creationism also adhere to tenets of Geocentrism. With this in mind, what do the major organizations promoting young earth doctrines have to say about this phenomenon? Do they advocate for at least a basic level of scientific understanding on this issue?  I will discuss this question next time.”


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