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 Along with the doctrine of Restoration, the Charismatic Movement also has two other underlying ideologies.  These are not just in the Charismatic Movement but have been apart of the church for centuries if not millennia.  I myself have been influenced by some of these ideologies and did not realize the lack of scripture backing them.  These two philosophies, Gnosticism and Pietism, are really cousins and in fact is could be said that Gnosticism is really a form of Pietism.  Let me start with Pietism. 



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I would like to briefly discuss the background ideology of Charismatics, stemming from the earliest movement (Latter Rain), which is Restoration.  Restoration has had far reaching affects into Protestant Christianity and has been expanded upon by the Charismatic Movement.  There are many doctrinal elements in Restorationism which I will begin to expound upon later when I discuss the Latter Rain Movement and ensuing revivals.   I honestly, at this point, have not delinieated entirely between Charismatics and Restorationists.  I would like to separate the two and say that some Charismatics are Restorationists but I am not entirely certain if you can separate the two.  I would like imput or resources about this if possible.  However, I will qualify my arguments from this point onwards and refer to the groups I am discussing as “Restoration Charismatics.”  (more…)

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For a while now, I have been wanting to do some research into the history of the church.  Not the two millennia of history but the history of the church in the United States.  We developed quite free from state and nationalistic regulations which lead to a very individualistic outlook regarding church practice and autonomy. If you are interested, for a more in-depth study of the development of Evangelicalism in the U.S., Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey is a fascinating read-Part 3 of her book deals expressly with “American” Christianity.

 During my next set of blogs, I will be searching the roots of our American Experience to discover the practices and doctrines of the Pentecostal and later Charismatic movements.  Many of our churches-especially those in the United States- have been influenced to some degree with some form of the Charismatic movement.  I am interested particularly in the Charismatic “Revivals” which began in the early 20th century.  I am not doing blogs to debate the validity of Cessationism v. Countinuationism (the continuation of spiritual gifts).  That is another topic for another time.  What I am interested in doing is investigating the history and doctrines of the Charismatic Movement.  I am concerned with some of the doctrines into which I have run, particularly the emphasis on emotionalism and experience.  I am also intrigued by the use of psychological manipulation which occurs during some meetings.  For those reading these blogs, remember that all truth is God’s truth and therefore many religions have good fruit (Deut. 13:1-4).  However, many deceptive ideas are hidden beneath the surface of religious movements.  I myself can say that I once believed in a form of gnosticism (will be defined in a future blog).  Be careful to investigate fully any movement/revival/denomination before committing yourself to it (Eph. 4:14).  My intention is to talk about ideas that people believe.  I am not interested in judging or condemning any Christian or any person of another faith.  Yes, I have opinions but I am interested in defining and refining my opinions based upon scripture and reasonable argumentation.  Please remember that this is a critique of the doctrines (ideas) of a particular movement not the people themselves.  Will I list leaders who are proclaiming unscriptural ideas, yes, but it’s the ideas that the people are espousing that are dangerous.  I will be backing up any opinion that I have with scripture and actual citations.    (more…)

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