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Why is looking for a church so difficult? All I want is a good Sunday School class and good sermons. Didn’t think I was too picky until I was refused communion during a church service.

We understood going in that the service had a closed communion.  However, even though I disagree with the practice what really upset me was the division that the communion caused.

According to some protestant (and Catholic) churches, they reserve the right to with hold communion from those whom they deem unworthy or from those they simply do not know.  I understand the rational behind the limit setting.  They base it upon the belief that Communion is sacred and those partaking should not partake in an unworthy manner (1 Cor. 11:27-32).  Completely true and accurate.  However, is it the churches right to judge if you are a worthy candidate for communion?  Or should a church not offer it to you if you aren’t a member of that particular church? (more…)


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  What do Christians today actually believe about their faith? For too many people it has become a feel good experience every Sunday. We are raising a generation who has become afraid of learning the Bible and learning about Biblical traditions. Are mainstream denominations afraid to tell people about their theology and doctrines because it might offend? People believe different things about the Bible.  Just because a church has a certain stance in an area of doctrine doesn’t mean that you can’t attend that church.  I find it refreshing to have a church publish their beliefs because than I know exactly what kind of belief structure I am going to encounter.  Some would argue that denominations divide the church, and that we should have more churches which are more non-denominational.  These so called non-denominational churches are honestly like getting the generic brand at Wal-mart.  It’s safe, non-offensive, and you know just what to expect.  But why settle for the cheap version of Christianity?  These churches can’t offer too much in deep theological thinking, unless they are willing to risk actually finding out what the people in their congregations believe.  Also, what kind of spiritual food can be offered at such generic churches?  Answer: Generic sermons (more…)

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I know this is old news but my blog is new and I’m catching up.

I don’t have much to say on this one…it can really speak for itself.  Pat Robertson is doing a good job leading the way for anti-fundamentalist sentiment and mis-trust of Christians overall. 

Scriptural Content:

John 9:2-3;   The book of Job-no reason given for his tragedy; The Apostle Paul-“my grace is sufficient for you” (he had deep faith, yet still was ill)

From a Christian worldview the world is fallen.  There aren’t distinct correlations between “evil” acts and tragedies that occur.  I’ll post more later about subjects like this.

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 Movies can serve a great purpose: entertainment. I would venture that the majority of movies that we watch here in the United States are relaxation devices. We spend top dollar to attend movies and scramble to see those that are highly acclaimed by the media. Even those movies with historical backgrounds, i.e. Gladiator, Braveheart, have very little historical value but serve only to entertain. While an entire argument can be waged on the value of fictionalizing history, that is not the purpose of this blog.

 Movies use strong characterization to touch core values and cultural identities. For example, the Harry Potter movies utilized the Hero’s Quest. This ancient battle between good and evil and the hero overcoming personal obstacles is as old as time. Hearken back to the Iliad and the Odyssey, 2,700 years after they were written, the epics are still being passed down. These movies, those like Harry Potter, appeal to a universal ideology that is written on every human heart and thus are able to touch an emotional chord in huge populations. (more…)

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