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In my first entry, I briefly wrote on the history of Pentecostalism.  I have since explained some troublesome doctrines within Protestant churches and some of the outliers which broke off of mainline Pentecostalism.  This blog will first relay the historical roots of the Latter Rain Movement with following blogs on the doctrine of the movement, and than a Scriptural exposition and analysis.  

            Riding on the first and second waves of the Pentecostal Revival (tongues and healings) during the early 20th Century, the Latter Rain Movement had its origins in October of 1947.  Students of the Pentecostal Bible College in Saskatchewan Canada broke off to found the Sharon Bible College.  It was during one of the chapel services, February 11, 1948, that a prophecy was given to begin a revival in order to seek afresh the spirit of God.[1]  The revival quickly spread throughout the U.S. and Canada but was claimed heretical by the Assemblies of God Churches.[2]  According to the minutes of the General Council, they “rejected the practice of personal prophecy accompanied by the laying of hands and the doctrine of the Manifest Sons of God.”[3]  “It’s lax exegesis of Scripture became the cause of their doctrinal drift on a variety of theological themes” [4]  “The Latter Rain Movement was condemned by the Pentecostal Assemblies of God as heresy in 1959. The teachings were kept alive through Demos Shakarian and the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowships and resurfaced in the 1960’s as the Charismatic Movement. The Vineyard Fellowships, the “Toronto Blessing,” and the Pensacola Revival are all Latter Rain influenced, even though the leaders will not admit it since the LRM was heretical.  Latter Rain teachers promoted the restoration of “Davidic Tabernacle Worship.” Services began with the emotional, repeated singing of praise choruses whereby the assembly came into the presence of God (or brought God into the assembly).” [5]

The major leaders of the Latter Rain included:

 Reg Layzell, George Wamock, George Hawtine/Ern Hawtine, Earl Lee, Murtile Beall, James Watt, J. Preston Eby, Thomas Wyatt

Current Direct Descendents of Movement:

Ministers Fellowship International, Portland Bible College, Kevin Conner; Dick Iverson; David Schoch; Violet and David Kitely

 Other People (abbreviated) influenced by the Movement:

Bill Hamon, Bill Briton, Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Cindy Jacobs, Mike Bickle

 Doctrinal Beliefs:

 Personal Prophecy, Typological Interpretation of Scripture, 5-fold Ministry, Spiritual Elite Corps, Anti-Denominational, Non-Dispensationalist, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Manifest Sons of God, Joel’s Army, One New Man, Corporate Christ, Melchizadek Priesthood, Harp and Bowl, Kingdom Now

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