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I would like to briefly discuss the background ideology of Charismatics, stemming from the earliest movement (Latter Rain), which is Restoration.  Restoration has had far reaching affects into Protestant Christianity and has been expanded upon by the Charismatic Movement.  There are many doctrinal elements in Restorationism which I will begin to expound upon later when I discuss the Latter Rain Movement and ensuing revivals.   I honestly, at this point, have not delinieated entirely between Charismatics and Restorationists.  I would like to separate the two and say that some Charismatics are Restorationists but I am not entirely certain if you can separate the two.  I would like imput or resources about this if possible.  However, I will qualify my arguments from this point onwards and refer to the groups I am discussing as “Restoration Charismatics.”  (more…)


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